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Hi guys! How was your Valentine’s Day? I took an 8pm workout class and then came home and made myself a gourmet meal – PB&J and a glass of red, for the win!Hamilton ChicagoThe past few weeks have been a whirlwind in the best way possible and it’s been a while since we caught up on the general life happenings front! So without further adieu, a mashup of what’s been happening behind the scenes, or rather, over on social media.

I had the incredible opportunity to see Hamilton last Tuesday (thank you a thousand times over, Kit!) and I’m still beaming over it. The cast was phenomenal and it was truly an experience I’ll never forget. Before the show I met up with a group of gals at The Dearborn and had the most refreshingly delicious G&T. I tried looking it up on their menu online so I could recreate it at home, but no luck. Looks like I’ll just have to go back, right? 😉 #researchherringbone floors at the dearbornPosting up in random coffee shops to work has done wonders for my productivity. Katie introduced me to Heritage Bicycles, which is the cutest little spot, and I’m already plotting my next visit back.purple bikeMy best friend Whitney drove up last Friday night and we had the best time catching up over nachos at Hub 51, but by mid-morning on Saturday she wasn’t feeling too hot. As much as it pained us (tears were shed), we both decided she should probably make her way back to Kansas City so as not to wake up on Sunday unable to get her sick self home. But not before we split a grilled cheese at Three Arts CaféchandeliersIf you follow me on Instagram stories, you’ll know that I successfully made chocolate chip cookies! Turns out doubling the amount of Crisco was the reason for the mess last go around. Who knew? I’m still working my way through the rest of my winter bucket list.

I was messaging back and forth with two girlfriends from high school recently, talking about how I wanted to get back down to Miami, and my friend who lives there said I should plan to visit for her birthday in April. It took me all of five seconds to open a browser, check to see how many points I had (just enough for the flight!), and hit “book.” We’re going to spend the first night in Miami and then make the drive over to St. Simons Island in Georgia where her family has a beach house and I can hardly wait!

I’ve also got a trip planned back to Kansas City that following weekend and then my mom, stepdad, grandma, sister, and niece will all be here Mother’s Day Weekend. I’m the type of person who loves having something to look forward to and needless to say, I’m one happy gal.

What have you guys been up to? Are you looking forward to anything exciting?


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