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Hi guys, happy Wednesday! How has your week been so far?what to wear when you workout…And how are those resolutions coming along? Good, I hope! Back in November I recognized I needed to switch up the way I was working out if I wanted to see the results I was hoping for (plateaus are real) and it has been so encouraging to see my body start to change.

I also decided I was long overdue for a little workout wardrobe refresh. It had been years, honestly! Still a fan of all black everything, though.

I popped in the Nike store a few weeks ago and this sports bra decided to come home with me. It’s uber comfortable with the perfect amount of support. And the tights! Guys, I truly can’t say enough good things about them. I didn’t realize just how worn out my old ones were until I was running (and squatting) in these. The high-waisted band does wonders, and the material is out of this world. They’re definitely an investment, but you know me and cost-per-wearso worth it. the best high waisted workout tightsI mentioned in my bucket list post that I’m making Monday night yoga a priority (side note: this week was equally as great as the first time around!), but I failed to tell you about this amazing body mist the gal teaching brought along for us to use. It is intoxicating in the best way possible. I honestly think it heightened the experience for me. I ordered a bottle of my own and am hoping it helps lull me to sleep on those nights I need a little extra help.

I spend most of my time sweating it out at Studio Three and one of the trainers said I needed a foam roller, to which I rolled my eyes and thought, “ya, ya…” I finally took his advice and ordered one. Making foam rolling a priority every night has no doubt helped speed up the recovery time for my muscles. Sure, I’m cursing in my head when I’m rolling out my quads, but I’ve taken classes that should have left me out of commission the next day and I’ve just had some mild soreness and I’m back at it. There are plenty of tips and tricks out there, so don’t be intimidated! I try and follow along with these and a few other moves for my hips each night.

I hadn’t stepped foot in a Victoria’s Secret in I don’t know how long (I actually worked there for a bit in college…and subsequently had no money because of it, oops), but I had some time to kill before a meeting last week and popped in the store on Michigan Avenue on a whim. I fell in love with this sports bra (it’s a steal). I will say, I’m small chested, so it works for me. If you’re looking for something with more support, definitely go for one of these.

My tank collection was looking pretty worse for wear, too. I tend to find something I like and buy multiple and that’s precisely what I did with this tank. And at that price, who wouldn’t? I also picked up this one with the strappy, open back (it comes in extended sizes, too!)

Lastly, if you’re in looking for a new yoga mat, this one offers up the perfect amount of cushion and wipes clean easily!


Victoria’s Secret Sports Bra // Aveda Chakra Body Mist // Nike Women’s Training Tank (comes in extended sizes, too!) // Nike Zonal Strength Tights // Foam Roller // J. Crew Ankle Socks // Gaiam Yoga Mat c/o // Old Navy Workout Tank


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    1. Jess Post author

      I went to C2 at Corepower today and omg, heaven. Let me know when/where you plan to go next and I’ll join ya! p/s can’t wait for Saturday 🙂

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