How To Wear White in Winter

Ah, Monday, I am so happy to see you! (and I’m not just saying that, promise)white dress and black heelsLast Tuesday night I headed off to bed feeling pretty drained and a little foggy in the head, which I assumed stemmed from the jam-packed day I had. But the following morning I woke up and the symptoms of the flu hit me like a ton of bricks (body aches, the chills, and a nice little fever to match). My mind immediately flashed back to the CVS counter a month and a half prior where I was picking up my prescription. As the woman behind the register was ringing me up I asked her if they offered flu shots and if so, how long I would have to wait to get in for one. She let me know they administered them in the clinic and then mumbled, “well, it is flu season,” while motioning her hand to the small waiting room which had far too many patients for my liking (all who appeared to be suffering from the very thing I was trying to avoid). So, I left to go about my day with every intention to make it back at some bow tie heels As I’m sure as you can guess, I never made it back by, always deeming myself “too busy” and pushing it farther down my to-do list. Fast forward a couple of weeks and there I was, bedridden with the flu (yes, I know, the irony is not lost on me). I don’t know that I’ve ever been so sick!

It was a good reminder that small sacrifices in the present can often save you even bigger sacrifices in the future. A bit of perspective for your Monday and the reason I seemed to have dropped off the face of the planet last week. Christmas party outfitthe best red lipstickholiday party dressHere’s to saying so long to the pajamas I’ve been living in and hello to festive holiday wear!
white dress and bow tie heelsChristmas party dressI picked up my first faux-fur stole while shopping at a flea market in Kansas City with my mom a few years back. Never one to buy something on the spot, we wandered around for a bit and I finally decided I wasn’t going to leave without it. She negotiated it down a few dollars (woo!) and I was so excited to have a new-to-me, classic piece. They instantly add a touch of sophistication to any look, which you can never go wrong with! little white dresshow to wear white in the winterlittle white dress for the holidaysOn a recent (impromptu…isn’t that how it always happens?) trip to J. Crew and the same feeling came over me when I saw this stole styled on the mannequin, front and center. The color was just waiting to be added to my arsenal of unique accessories! Add the fact that I can’t get enough texture lately, faux-fur, lace, velvet…all of it, really, and I was sold.  how to wear faux-furred lipstick and faux-furChristmastime in the cityA quick lesson in how to wear white in winter: Just do it (if it makes you happy, of course). I think winter white done right is incredibly refreshing in a sea of red and green prints!

This dress is as versatile as they come and would be perfect for holiday parties (if you’re heading to one for your corporate office, just add a fun blazer or jacket), New Year’s Eve or if we’re really looking ahead (or at cost per wear) Valentine’s Day – simply add a pair of red heels!

If you’re having a hard time envisioning the dress sans-stole, the website does a good job of showing off the neckline of the dress, which is ultra flattering! I also think layering a black tissue turtleneck underneath would look great, too. See, so many options!Christmas party dressribbon tie heelsbow heels and faux-furwhite dress and faux-fur stoleI’ve decided to call these my Goldilocks heels (I raved about them last week). Not too tall, not too short, but juuuuust right. I really can’t tell you how comfortable they are!

If you’re looking for other ideas on what to wear for the holidays ahead, I’ll be sharing more of this little navy dress soon and of course, I love these picks as well!


J. Crew Ruffle Shift Dress (I’m wearing a size 4 for reference) // Faux-fur Stole // Ribbon Tie Heels // Lancome Lip crayon in “Oui, Monsieur” // Essie Nail Polish “Spiked with Style” // Lily Dawson Earrings (older style, but I linked a similar pair. I also think this pair would look so great!)

*The dress, stole, and heels are all 40% off right now! If you order the shoes by December 18th you can get free delivery by the 23rd – just in time for Christmas Eve festivities! Annnnd if you’re looking to refresh your jewelry, everything is 30% off over at BaubleBar today!

I hope you all have a happy Monday! I’ve got another post to share with you later today, so be sure to check back this afternoon/evening.

Photos by Iron & Honey Photography


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  1. Sarah Lagen

    You’re you the cutest, I love this white dress and the fur makes everything more festive! I’m glad to hear that you are feeling better, we were sad that you don’t make it out Saturday night. We will have to plan a double date soon! 🙂

    xo, Sarah

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