Weekly Rounds Vol. 33

Happy Friday, friends! How was your week? I swear, the days continue to escape me! I’ve been busy preparing for the holidaze coming up (I know, who isn’t?) along with trying to wrap up a few loose ends before the start of the new year and you know, everything else that encompasses life (like work, attempting to maintain my sanity by staying active and that pesky thing we call laundry that never seems to be caught up).
holiday hair tutorial

As for the links, some are old, some are new – but I can assure you, all are read-worthy!


A quick reminder that anything holiday related can be found under the ‘holiday’ tab up above, including this holiday hair tutorial.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend…maybe even enjoy a little R&R before we settle into the flurry of the holidays! I know I plan to.

As usual, I’ll be over on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat (jessicazimlich) and Facebook sharing tidbits.

Photo by Sarah Sweeney Co.

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