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Happy Monday, friends! I hope you’re feeling rested and refreshed after another weekend. I’m thankful for the newfound love I have for the first day of the week – I just hope it decides to stick around.

The number one thing readers (that’s you!) email me about about is what to do/where to stay/what to eat & drink in Kansas City. Maybe it’s the fact that my love for patios knows no bounds – just check out my Snapchat on any given weekend (@jessicazimlich) or maybe it’s my desire to explore every nook and cranny of this city I’ve called home for the last three years. Either way, there are benefits to be reaped.

I’m working on putting together a more extensive resource guide that will answer the burning questions above, but until then, I’ve got a few new (to me) hot spots to share that should tide you over!
Biking at the Nelson Atkins in Kansas City

Yesterday I finally took Bike Share Kansas City for a spin. If you asked me when the last time I rode a bike was, I would be hard pressed to pluck an instance from my memory…it’s been a hot minute. Envision a wobbly baby deer learning to walk for the first time and that was me the first few moments on the bike. I even had my own little cheering section coming from a car close to where Shanley and I picked up our wheels. Things calmed down after that and off we went! We ventured through the Plaza, down to Westport and then looped around the Nelson Atkins before calling it a night. There are stations strategically placed between Downtown, Westport and the Plaza area. I highly recommend!

Murray's Ice Cream Shop - Westport

Murray’s season is the best season. If you’re looking for delicious, homemade sweet treats, Murray’s Homemade Ice Creams in Westport is where it’s at. Just look at this cone! And for all you locals, they now take debit cards. No more panic when you realize you’ve made the trek without any cash. Another thing to note: they are only open Thursday – Sunday during select months (spring/summer/early fall) which may seem like a bummer to some, but I think it makes that first scoop of the season that much sweeter! Get there, stat.Country Club Plaza walk

Kansas City is known for a lot of things (World Series anyone?), including The Country Club Plaza, which just so happens to be one of my favorite places to wander aimlessly. I don’t ditch my agenda all that often even though I know it always results in some sort of discovery, like the Gondola Boat Rides. My Grandparents live in San Antonio and this area reminds me of the time we spent along the Riverwalk – sans 100% humidity and admittedly, a lot less culture. But that doesn’t mean I’m not adding it to my summer bucket list!Mulberry and Mott Macarons

Wouldn’t you know, another shop to satisfy those of you with a serious sweet tooth! Natasha’s Mulberry & Mott is the most darling storefront on the Plaza. It’s decorated to perfection and filled with decadent macarons, cookies and cakes. Heaven, really.

Cleaver and Cork in Downtown Kansas City

My new favorite spot to spend the happiest hour of the day: Cleaver & Cork in Downtown Kansas City. Two words: cheese curds. Two more words: deep fried. Pair that with a glass of bubbly and great company and you’ve just made me the happiest gal on the planet. I see many summer evenings on their patio in my near future.


Most of these photos have already made an appearance over on my Instagram account – be sure to follow along! You can find more places to wine & dine and things to do in Kansas City from my past adventures.


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  1. Ashley T

    I keep trying to tell Brian we need to drive to Kansas City before moving back to Atlanta. Keeping these tips for (hopefully!) when we do!

      1. Elle

        I won’t be there 🙁 They’re always scheduled on evenings I have to work. But we all need to get together soon!

  2. Wandeleur

    This post is fantastic and I can’t wait to take a weekend trip to Kansas City this summer! A bike tour, champagne and boutique shops are all the makings of a perfect getaway!

  3. noelani

    You two are so cute!! Love all of these places and I didn’t know we had a bike program now. That’s what happens when you live in the burbs, you lose touch with civilization.

  4. Taylor @ day22 boutique

    I LOVE KC! I just moved here last fall and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it! It’s great finding new things to do! Can’t wait to check out the bike sharing program! 🙂 Thanks for all the great ideas. I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog!


  5. KaLeena Weaver

    Looks like a fun weekend! I’m newer to KC and just found your blog…loving your stuff!

    1. Jess Zimlich

      Well hey there, KaLeena! I’m so happy that you stumbled upon my blog. Kansas City is great and there are so many places to explore 🙂 Don’t be a stranger!

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