Three Things You Can Do Each Night To Ensure Your Morning Runs Smoothly

the easiest overnight oats

This post was sponsored by The Quaker Oats Company, but all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help make 26 and Not Counting the best it can be!

My days have been a little all over the place the past month or so (hoping to share more on this soon!) and as someone who thrives on routine and structure, it’s been of the utmost importance that I find little ways to make sure I stay on track and get everything crossed off my to-do list (all while still taking care of my mind and body, which is much easier said than done!).

I’m excited to be partnering with Quaker again to share three quick things I like to do each night to help make my mornings run a little smoother.easy overnight oatsPrep as much of your breakfast as you can the night before. Quaker’s Overnight Oats make it super easy. You simply add milk (or your non-dairy option of choice) to the single-serve container and let the mixture cold steep overnight in the refrigerator. Just pop the top off the finished product in the morning and enjoy! It’s as easy as steep, sleep, and then eat! They are the definition of hassle-free. Plus, the Overnight Oats are made with 100% whole grain oats, and other grains, which provide a good source of dietary fiber (10 grams of fat or less per container), and you won’t find any artificial flavors or colors added.evening routinePick out what you’re going to wear. Whether you’re heading to an early morning workout or making your way to the office, having an idea of what you’re going to be dressed in that day is super important (lest you end up littering your bed or floor with articles of clothing, all while saying, “I don’t have anything to wear!”).

Write your to-do list the night before. Not only does this give me the push I need to jump headfirst into my work each day, but it helps me to sleep more soundly. I’ve actually woken up in the middle of the night in a panic only to remember I forgot to write something down on my to-do list (and knowing myself, if it’s not written down, it’s not happening). Doing a bit of a brain dump of sorts allows me to feel more relaxed before I doze off, and more prepared when I wake up.

So, there you have it! A few quick tips on how you can set yourself up for more successful mornings. What did I miss? I’d love to hear!

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