After This We’re Getting Pizza

After this we’re getting pizza, right? There is only one right answer to this question. the best workout wearIs this not the best yoga mat?! How cute would it look tucked into this workout tote?

Each season I like to take a look at what I’m working with on the fitness front and it’s about that time – here in Chicago, at least. There’s been a chill in the air and that’s equal parts exciting (crisp fall mornings are my favorite!) and terrifying (Chiberia will inevitably be here like three weeks later 😭 and I’m not done with my summer bucket list!)

I’m always willing to invest a little more in my workout wear because those pieces get washed more than anything else in my closet. While I can normally get a handful of wears out of the rest of my clothes before washing, the things I exercise in are one and done, with good reason. Growing up, my Dad always did the laundry and he hung nearly everything to dry and I picked up on the habit. I’ve learned it helps your clothing last a lot longer – especially your workout gear! Drying on high heat (and washing in anything other than cold water, for that matter) can cause the fibers in the garments to break down faster. The more you know!

I’ve been looking for something to throw on after class that won’t absorb sweat and I love the look and fit of this water resistant jacket. These Nike training tights are still my favorite, hands down. They’ve held up incredibly well and come in a few new colors now! These Nike training tennis shoes are on sale for $60 and look super similar to the pair I have now that desperately need replaced.

How cute is this pleated tennis skirt? The white skirt would look great paired with this tank in navy, too!

You can’t beat 2 for $30 on these sports bras and I’m of the belief that you can never have too many strappy tanks to throw on for a run, yoga, or HIIT class.

I’m on my second bottle of this Aveda spray (It’s lasted me since February!) and we won’t talk about how many bottles of this dry shampoo I’ve gone through.

Zella has a ton of pieces on sale at Nordstrom right now, so if you missed out during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, now is a great time to scoop them up!

If there’s anything you’re looking for specifically and need a little extra help, leave me a note in the comments or feel free to send me and email!


North Face Water Resistant Jacket // Nike Training Tights // Kate Spade Yoga Bag // Strappy Workout Tank // Aveda Body Mist // Victoria’s Secret Sports Bra // Living Proof Dry Shampoo // Pleated Skirt // Yoga Mat // J. Crew Workout Tank // Nike Running Tank // Nike Training Shoes


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