Weekly Rounds Vol. 50

That Friday feeling is strong, and so was the mini margarita I was handed when I walked through the door of El Motel Bangtel Dos for the #BangtelBloggerSleepover last night. mini margaritas Guys, the place is insane. I shared a tour over on Instagram stories, but as you know, those posts are fleeting. If you’re looking for a place to stay in the city, I honestly couldn’t recommend it more! It would be such a fun spot for a bachelorette weekend or a birthday celebration. Nicole, what do you say we venture back this summer and make use of the teepee?

I’m spending the day wrapping up a freelance writing project before my gal pal Erin gets here! We’re heading to the Chicago Bulls game with the American Express team tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ll be sharing lots from the day/night on Instagram, so be sure to follow along with us there!

I love the questions that you all have been sending my way after my you ask, I answer post went live – keep them coming!

Other than that, I’m shocked we’re welcoming April tomorrow! Time is flying.

Song of the week: Ellie Goulding – Army (Mike Mago Remix). Turn it up and listen as you browse this week’s links 🙂


Wherever the weekend takes you, I hope it’s great! I’ll be sharing in real-time over on Instagram and Twitter. See you back here next week, friends!


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