My Favorite Purchases of 2016

This past year I really tried to focus on buying things I know are going to last me for years to come, opposed to  a quick fix that will more than likely fall apart before I get another season out of it (clothing and accessories, specifically).

I combed through my entire apartment and these are my top six favorite purchases. I would confidently buy them all again!

Bose Speaker – If I’m at home, there’s a 99.9% chance music is playing through this speaker (and if I’m walking somewhere, there’s a 100% chance I’ve got my headphones in). Music is my lifeline on difficult days and I love the way a song can instantly take you back to a certain time and place. It really does make the world go ’round. This speaker is super clear, portable, and the charge lasts a good amount of time!

Cuyana Leather Travel Case Set – These were gifted to me, but I can assure you I would have scooped them up on my own had they not been. The quality is impeccable and they aren’t something you feel like you need to hide under the sink. I use the larger one to hold my everyday makeup (it proudly sits on my bathroom countertop) while the smaller one is used for things like cotton balls, bobby pins, etc. when traveling and stays tucked away in a drawer until I need it. They come in a ton of different colors, too!

Maya Brenner Initial Necklace – I had my eye on this necklace for years and finally pulled the trigger on it shortly after moving to Chicago. I got the letter Z for my last name, naturally. I wear it every single day (really the only time I take it off is to shower) and so many people inquire about it. It’s incredibly dainty and super special to me!

Lancôme Lip Crayon – I’m of the belief that every girl needs a good red lip color that makes her feel like a million bucks. I’ve tried a lot of different lipsticks, most of which ended up wearing off too soon or bleeding onto my face. I have several different colors of this lip crayon and can’t say enough good things!

Stuart Weitzman Boots in 5050 Suede Stretch (more sizes here) – Disclosure: I used a gift card in partnership with Shopbop to pay for a portion of these. I have naturally thin calves and had ordered at least three pairs of OTK boots, all of which I returned because they wouldn’t stay up on my legs. I was skeptical that these would be any different, but once I slipped them on they fit like a glove and there was no turning back. I’ve preached cost-per-wear time and time again around here and this is one of those scenarios. I’ve worn them more times than I can count and as long as I take care of them, I know they will last for years!

Oster Panini Maker – I eat a lot of grilled cheese sandwiches (more than I care to admit, actually) and this thing makes the absolute best grilled cheese sammies. Just heat it to medium, put your bread down, add your cheese (or other toppings, if you’re making something more extravagant. My concoction isn’t hard to top!), add the top slice, and cook for a few minutes! It’s super easy to wipe down, too.

Of course, my absolute favorite buys weren’t necessarily tangible items, but the trips I took with good friends. From Miami to Vegas to my favorite little spot on Table Rock Lake, back home for the holidays, and everywhere in between. It’s the memories made that I cherish the most.


What was your favorite purchase of 2016?

Photo by Iron & Honey


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