Weekly Rounds Vol. 39 (and an impromptu trip)

Summer came in like a lion here in my world and at the rate we’re going, it doesn’t look like it’s going to go out like a lamb. But I guess that’s what the season is all about – living!Summertime in ChicagoPete and I are heading to Chicago this afternoon for an impromptu trip (still need to secure a hotel for the week/end – who am I?) and I can hardly wait to touchdown in the city.

In an effort to experience everything Summertime Chi has to offer (and the mere fact that it’s been a few weeks since I’ve done one of these posts), a few things I feel are share-worthy!


  • A great piece on going for it – no matter how old you are.
  • “You can’t possibly predict all that’s to come, so perhaps the best thing to plan for is change itself, and just enjoy the ride.” Another read that struck a cord with me (one that admittedly had me in tears as I approach my 29th birthday and a plethora of life changes).
  • 10 things the creator of Glitter Guide has learned since starting her business (and a huge congrats to my friend Annie who’s now their Social Media Manager!)
  • My favorite travel companion is an extra 20% off through Sunday (use code SUMMERESCAPE). I pack all of my toiletries/jewelry/odds and ends in them when we travel. I also love this one for the pool! I toss in my sunscreen, chapstick, keys and anything else I might need to find at the bottom of my pool bag at a moments notice.
  • Sugarwish sent me a darling package filled with my favorite sweet treats awhile back and as it would go, I demolished them before I had time to snap a pic of the pretty packaging! If you’re searching for a unique gift for someone with a serious sweet tooth, look no further.
  • The great stripe debate: this pair or this pair?

I’ve got a long list of new-to-me spots around Chicago I’ve been dying to try, but if you have any you’d like to add, let me know down in the comments! I’ll be sharing our adventures in real-time over on Instagram and Snapchat (I can be found under ‘jessicazimlich’) – I’d love for you to come along!


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  1. Sarah Lagen

    Ahhh!!! YYYAYYY!!! I’l call you tonight after work so we can plan meet up! I’m so excited you are back in Chicago for the weekend! 🙂 Get here safe and I’ll talk to you soon!!

    xo, Sarah

    1. Jess Post author

      I’m glad you enjoyed them! Thank you 🙂 Yes, I read that one! Definitely making a stop by Cindy’s Rooftop for a drink…or two 😉

  2. noelani

    Can’t wait to read about your trip, will you do a little recap of your favorite places! Your pics looked so fun on instagram! I love Chicago!

    1. Jess Post author

      My top 5 places in Chicago to sip rosé post just went up! It was such a fun trip. I always leave a little bit of my heart in the city when I leave. 🙂

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    1. Jess Post author

      You would love it! I just put together a rosé crawl post earlier this week – so many great places to sip!! The Hampton Social is dreamy. Hope you’re having a great time on the East coast!


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