When it comes to classics, I learned everything there is to know from my Nana. She’s a fiery redhead who totes around Louis Vuitton, dabs on Chanel’s No. 5 and although completely unrelated, isn’t afraid to bring her own condiments along when she travels, should someone not have what she’s looking for.

In a few words: The woman knows what she likes.

how to get soft lipsShe’s also known to have a dainty hanky on hand at all times and likes to tie silk scarves to her bag of choice for an effortlessly chic look.

When it comes to beauty, she’s a real natural. And for as long as I can remember, my Nana has always had a jar of Vaseline on hand – slathering it on at even the slightest hint of dryness or dehydration.

how to keep lips softIt wasn’t until I got to college that I realized why she was so smitten with the product. The dry dorm air left my skin and lips feeling parched in the worst way. Ever since then, I’ve housed an old school jar of my own on my bedside table. Swiping on a coat of the good stuff has been a part of my bedtime routine for years and occasionally, I convince Pete it’s part of his, too (shhh).

Vaseline reached out to let me know they’ve given their jars a face lift and are now offering lip tins in several variations! The only issue I have with my current Vaseline jar is that it can get a little messy once you start getting down to the bottom of the barrel (sort of the same situation you encounter when you’re trying to scoop out the very last ounce in the family-sized jar of peanut butter – you inevitably end up with it places you didn’t think possible). Although, rubbing excess Vaseline all over your hands is far more beneficial than doing the same with peanut butter.

how to get soft lips

The tins are much more manageable when you’re simply using the product for your lips and I love the subtle hue the rosy lip tin gives me (and I can’t wait to let my Nana know she needs to add it to her arsenal, asap).

Much like the iconic Chanels and Louis Vuittons of the world, Vaseline continues to withstand the test of time. Of course, now it not only lives on nightstand, but in my purse, work bag and middle console of my car, too!

The Vaseline Lip Tins are available at Target and various other retailers or you can shop them below!

What defines a classic in your eyes?

Shop Vaseline Lip Tins:

This post is sponsored by Vaseline, but all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make 26 and Not Counting a happenin’ place to be!


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