Weekly Rounds Vol. 34

Happy Friday! Did everyone survive the first full week of 2016? I’ve been easing back into my routine and I’ve gotta admit, it feels nice to sprinkle some structure back into my life – the Type A in me is rejoicing right now.

winter style

We finally finished Making a Murderer last night. Talk about a heartbreaking roller coaster ride. If you’ve seen it, what did you think? We can chat down in the comments as soon as you’re done browsing this week’s must-reads!


It happens every year, my mind seems to forget we’ve still got several months of winter left post-holidays and I immediately start thinking about what I want to fill my closet with for spring. This realization is nothing new, but I reconfirmed the fact while I was rounding up the things sitting in my online shopping carts for this post, oops! I also feel the need to confess there is a bikini on it’s way to me right now.


Tonight we’re having dinner with friends, after which I plan to tell Pete I need to make a reaaal quick trip to The Container Store (shhh) so I can pick up a few things I need to tackle our personal files mentioned above. Tomorrow morning I’m taking a spin class and plan to follow it up with good friends, football and beer. It might be time to break open the Crown Town, yes? We spent last weekend putting up the Christmas decor/sorting through items we no longer need and I’m hoping to continue purging Sunday afternoon – it feels so good! A decent mix of work and play, just how I like my weekends.

Are you doing anything exciting/productive over the next few days?

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Photo by Kyndall Durkee


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