Summertime Chi

I took a sip of that summertime chi this past weekend and I finally understand why everyone is so love drunk on the city – she was a beaut!
Summertime in Chicago

I flew in Thursday afternoon and hopped on the “L” and subsequently, a cab (don’t ask) before getting to Sarah’s cute little walk-up in Wicker Park.

After settling in, we made our way to Soho House for some serious catch up, bubbly and the best garlic bread of my life. They poured melted butter over the loaf at our table and I’m pretty sure my eyes lit up like a real life heart-eyed emoji.

Post carb-loading, we ventured over to Green Street Meats for a few patio beers before making our way home in the rain. Day 1: Success.

The best place for juice in Chicago

Needless to say, it was green juice for breakfast. We popped in to Real Good Juice Co. and after taste-testing just about everything on the menu, I landed on the Whitney Juice-ton. It gets two thumbs up from this gal.

@katespadeny espadrilles

Juice, tote bag, espadrilles and sunglasses in tow, we made our way down to the water (seen at top) before meeting Jess for a rooftop lunch at Rock Bottom. I ordered an adult beverage and a kid’s meal, naturally.

There is something to be said about good conversation with someone you’re meeting in person for the first time and catching up with Jess felt much like chatting up a girlfriend back home. Translation: endless laughs.

summer picnic

Later that afternoon Sarah and I took Hallie’s SoulCycle class (killer) and then walked down to Millenium Park to enjoy a bottle of wine and rest our my tired, swollen feet before turning in for the night.

midwest is best

Saturday evening we met up with Lauren, Megan, Katie and a few other gals for dinner at Tippling Hall. You know the conversations that lead to laughing/smiling so hard your cheeks hurt? We had those. But it was also nice to talk about blogging and gain a little boost of inspiration/motivation that I’ve been needing as of late.

(This sunset view from the porch later that night was a vivid reminder: Midwest is best.)

Summer House Santa Monica Chicago

Sunday morning we had breakfast at Summer House Santa Monica and I’ve gotta hand it to them, it wins best dining venue in my book. If you’re looking to be transported to the West Coast without leaving the city, this spot exudes the vibe.

My order: two eggs – scrambled, an english muffin with house made grape jam, hashbrowns and their sunrise punch. Boring? To you, maybe. Delicious? Yes! Sarah had an order of the breakfast tostadas  and by the looks of her plate when we were finished, they were a hit.

sweet treats in Chicago

curb appeal

After a leisurely breakfast, we toured Lincoln Park on foot and ooed and ahhed over all the curb appeal. In hindsight, I would have liked to get more photos, but I was too busy trying to get a peek inside. 😉

sprinkles make the world go round

Wanting to make the most of our day (and craving a sugar rush), we jumped on a divvy to Sweet Mandy B’s. I had a frosted sugar cookie and I’m certain my life will never be the same. I also have all the regret that I sent my leftovers home with Sarah. No matter how full you are, always take the leftovers! #rookiemistake


Sunday afternoon I checked into a hotel downtown and spent the day wandering by myself – something I don’t think I’ve ever done before in my 28 years. Crazy, right?

Spending time alone is a rare concept these days, but it offered up peace and quiet, time to reflect, explore/do as I please – not to mention there was prime people-watching potential. I hadn’t made it to NoMI Garden yet so I treated myself to a glass of the good stuff on the rooftop before heading to dinner. Table for one, please!

best views of Chicago

I ended the night down by the water watching the boats soak up every last minute of their Sunday Funday.

Monday morning I got up early for a Flywheel class, did my last little bit of wandering and headed back to the city (and guy) that holds my heart.

There is so much more I want to see/eat/do. Chicago, I’ll be back!



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  1. Ashley T

    Chicago is one of my favorites cities in the summer! It’s the winter that certifies that I’d never to be able to live there. That sugar cookie… I want that!

  2. Katie @ Live Half Full

    Sounds like a perfect Chicago weekend! I love that you fit in two cycling classes. 🙂

  3. SarahLagen

    I love this recap and the weekend — can we redo that every month or so with a new list of adventures to try!! ahhh, I had so much fun hanging out with you this weekend and can’t wait for your next trip back!! 🙂

  4. Lauren Oliver

    Chicago is so awesome! I’m actually thinking about heading to school out there next year! Also, that bread with the garlic butter sounds absolutely divine… trying to control my jealousy right now!


  5. Michelle Crenshaw

    After hearing about some of your trip talking to you on the phone, I love seeing the pics! It looks amazing and I am so glad you enjoyed the company of good friends, good food, fun and a little exercise! Love you bunches! Mom

  6. Joyce Novacek

    I love Chicago! Your pics are great! I felt the same way last time I was in Lincoln Park — like the curb appeal was so pretty I should have taken more pictures. You’ll have to go to a Cubs game some time; Wrigley is one of my favorite spots in the city!

  7. Katie

    Summer is by far the best time to live in Chicago. Your post made me miss it! Sarah lives in the same neighborhood that I used to. We lived really close to that beautiful church. I’m glad you had such a great time! And spending time in the city by myself is one of my favorite things. When I go to visit friends, I love to take some time to myself to wander. xo

  8. Elle

    It all looks amazing! And a good balance of healthy and indulgent. I love that you did a night by yourself, staying in a hotel room alone is one of my favorite luxuries!


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  10. kate // always craving //

    omg you did a lot in your weekend here! really great choices all around + some new things for me to try! (ahem garlic butter bread). we used to live about a block from summer house and it is THE BEST decor, especially mid-winter when you’re questioning why you live here.
    glad you enjoyed the city!

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