Summer Essentials

Summertime, and the livin’s easy.

And in keeping with this theme, Victoria and Meg from The B Bar asked us to dish on our favorite summer essentials for this month’s linkup.

poolside essentials

I’m looking forward to spending weekends at the lake, enjoying a few rooftop pool outings, lazy Sundays at my parents house and a slew of other activities sprinkled in between. That’s where the whole work hard, play harder comes in, right? Right.

During the summer months I become hyperaware of the need to protect my skin from the sun, which means a wide-brimmed hat, a good pair of sunglasses and the strongest sunscreen on the market are a must.

For the pool: a swan floatie, flamingo beach towel, adult beverage and a good book. (sidenote: for those of you thinking, “my word, she hasn’t finished that book yet?!” You would be correct. You better believe that if I haven’t had time to blog or read, things are serious.)

Post-water activities call for a great dry shampoo (see my review here), a little somethin’ somethin’ to give my locks some flavor and matte powder, at an extremely reasonable price – all tossed in my clarity pouch to keep things dry! Put me in a breezy dress paired with gems for my feet (let’s be honest, it’s way too hot to be rocking heavy jewels around the neck) and I’m set.

White Swan Floatie (fair warning, this is backordered, but not for too long!) // Flamingo Beach Towel // Straw Hat or Panama Hat (if you prefer that style) // Floral Dress // Sunscreen // Embellished Sandals // Clarity Pouch // Straw Tote // Dry Shampoo // Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray // Ray-Ban Sunglasses // Matte Powder c/o // The Girl on the Train // Pineapple iPhone Case


If you care to follow along with my crazy this summer, I’ll be sharing on Instagram, Snapchat (jessicazimlich) and Twitter!

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  3. Jordana @WhiteCabana

    The flamingo towel is from Forever 21? Is it at all plush?! I must go investigate! So many people use those clear pouches. I think I need to invest in one, too. Thanks for offering a cool selection of summer essentials.

      1. Jess Zimlich

        I haven’t got mine yet! I highly doubt it’s the same quality you would get purchasing, say, a $50 towel, but it’s insanely cute and I tend to leave beach towels behind on accident or they wander off with friends after a long weekend 🙂

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  5. Kari Holtkamp

    Such great picks! I’ve just added that flamingo beach towel to my list:) And I need some dry shampoo to give my hair some oomph this summer. It’s already so muggy out. Here’s to less rain and more pool days up ahead!

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  7. Erica

    The Clarity pouch has been on my wish list for awhile now. It would be perfect for keeping things dry at the beach or just normal summer travel!

  8. Skyscrapers and Palm Trees

    This is a great list of summer essentials! I’ve been eyeing that swan forever now. If only I had a pool to justify the price tag, ha! xo jen

      1. Kira Semple

        I started Big Little Lies. But I wasn’t drawn in like I was with Girl On The Train. I sort of gave up… should probably give it another shot, eh? Thanks for the recs, Jess!

  9. Lindsay Humes

    I’m obsessed with Flamingo’s this summer too! I’ve been on this huge kick where I’m just saving all these images of flamingo prints. I just love everything about them. I think they are a bird that speaks to me…ha!

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  17. Meg - Life of Meg

    That’s my pineapple phone case! I snagged it this spring in anticipation for lounging around the pool sipping umbrella drinks! However, I think I need that swam flat, STAT! 😉

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