Staycationing is a lot like vacationing, minus the mountains of laundry and jet lag that inevitably make their way home with you.
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And unlike (most) vacations, the staycation doesn’t leave you thinking, “I could seriously go for a vacation to recover from my vacation.” I think we all know that feeling, right?

chic setupPete and I checked into Hotel Sorella on the Country Club Plaza Saturday afternoon to kick back, relax and recharge before a short, jam-packed week! (All thanks to the complimentary stay I won at the last KC Blogger Meetup.)

We spent most of our time poolside, which just so happened to be up on the rooftop surrounded by lush greenery. It’s safe to say I’m already plotting my next visit.

fun in the sun

poolside | @jcrew straw hat, and @onetruffle pouch

The key to staycationing is to pack as light as possible – you’re staying put, after all. Other than the usual suspects (toothbrush and pj’s), I packed my clarity pouch with a few other necessities, donned my new straw hat (which doubled as a cover up for the mop on my head the next morning at brunch) and called it good!

rose on the rooftop

After a full afternoon of fun in the sun, we had dinner and drinks – both of which were insanely delicious. Thinking back, I could have survived on the cheese plate alone! But where’s the fun in that?
Hotel Sorella, Kansas City

champagne sunsets

Post-dinner we capped things off with a glass of bubbly, a rooftop sunset and hilarious conversation (Pete never lets me down in this department).

the deepest blue

Not wanting to miss the opportunity to dip my toes one more time, I got up before brunch so I could take full advantage and somehow convinced Pete is was worth it, too. There is something about a quiet morning by the water. Pool, lake, ocean…I don’t discriminate.

sunday brunch

As for brunch, I think this picture speaks for itself. Admittedly, this was my second plate – I dug in before I thought to snap a pic on the first go-around. Trust me when I say, they pull out alllll the stops.

up on the rooftop

Staycations take away the labor factor. There is no excessive plotting, planning or packing. I foresee it coming in handy the next time you realize a mid-week get away would do you some good!


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  1. Skyscrapers and Palm Trees

    I love staycations! They’re so fun and 100% stress-free. Brunch is probably my favorite meal of the day (when I actually get to have it) so that waffle looks amazing! It looks like you had a lot of fun. 🙂

  2. Biana Perez

    I am pretty sure that is the best staycation I’ve seen yet! I am emailing my husband (after this comment) and telling him to book us a night at a hotel with a pool please 🙂 xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

  3. Jess

    I love a good stay-cation! No need to worry about packing much, you can relax without the travel time taking away from it, and you can often explore your own city with new eyes 🙂

    1. Jess Zimlich

      Absolutely! I forgot to mention, before brunch we took a peek at the complimentary breakfast and it was legit….I may or may not have had a little snack to tide me over 😉

  4. Rachel

    I love staycations too! So simple and relaxing. I plan on doing a little of that next week and I cannot wait! This place looks lovely too.

  5. Ashlee Frederickson

    That clear bag is awesome! There are so many times it would come in handy! -Like Arrowhead stadium! You’re staycation looked awesome! <3

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