Weekly Rounds Vol. 15

Another Friday, another round up of things I deemed worthy enough to share with you all (editor’s note: this doesn’t quite have the ring to it that I was going for, but by this point in the week, I’m fresh out of funnies).

You know the drill. Browse the links below at your leisure or overindulge all at once, because it’s almost the weekend! And be sure to let me know if there is anything juicy floating around out there that I missed.
Sweet and Spark Vintage Jewelry

  • “Eliminate the word ‘just’ from your vocabulary – as in ‘Just checking on this!’ You’ll immediately feel more confident.” I do this all the time. Anyone else with me on this one? Dive into the full list of Career Tips From Female Entrepreneurs for a slew of other nuggets like the one above.
  • I was over on Sincerely Jennie this week talking about my most recent read, which resulted in loss of sleep.
  • Up next on my nightstand: The Accidental Creative
  • Need a quick smile? Watch this.
  • …or maybe you need a full-fledged laugh. Jimmy Kimmel gave a kid a lie detector test and it was hilarious. See, Facebook is good for something!
  • Jillian Bremer of Sweet & Spark walks us through the first three years of owning your own business when consuming, connecting and creating are crucial.
  • Merritt is a new-to-me blogger who shares her impeccable style on her aptly named blog, The Style Scribe. I seriously can’t get enough and her Instagram account is equally as swoon-worthy.
  • Loft has a ton of great pieces on sale (60% off!) including this spring trench coat and floral/lace number.
  • Last Friday I attended my first #CreativeChics events, hosted by Melissa of theCEOffice and I can’t say enough good things about the discussion that took place. It was open, honest and extremely productive. If you’re in the Kansas City or Chicago area and looking to get feedback regarding your goals and how to logically achieve them – check out their upcoming events!
  • I’m here for the fun (obviously). But I’m also here for the scallops.
  • Fine, I’m also here for the cutest pom-pom pool bag! I’m done now.
  • Around these parts, I debuted yet another laid back look and discussed the b word (don’t worry Nana, it’s not what you think!)

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Photo via The Everygirl, by Christine Sargologos


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  1. Nicola

    I love the idea of not using ‘just’ any more. I tried hat before with ‘quite’ and it made a huge difference. I’m totally giving it a go.


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