High and Dry

Happy April! I think? Is this something we should be celebrating or panicking over? I haven’t finished my taxes yet, so I think I’m leaning  more towards the latter.

It’s no big secret that I left you high and dry on Monday, but I’m so happy you’re here today! I think in my 625 days of blogging (someone’s second birthday is coming up) I’ve only missed a Monday post three or four times, at most. It’s odd how much I dislike missing Mondays. Any other day doesn’t seem quite as bad, but Monday? That’s the worst.

Enough about what could have been…
spring beauty products | @jessicazimlich

Are you ready for the rundown on the three new beauty products that have found their way into my daily routine?

Oribe’s Thick Dry Finishing Spray plays big sister to the ultra-fabulous Dry Texturizing Spray. It’s got the same intoxicating scent, paired with a little extra hold and it’s meant to leave you feeling high and dry in the best way possible. My shorter hairs are forever grateful.

The gals over at Laura Mercier sent over their Hydrating Foundation Primer for me to test out back at the start of winter and I’ve been using it for months. I’m not sure why I haven’t dished on it sooner! Typically when I think of primers, I think of creams and liquids that tighten the skin and leave you feeling a bit….parched. Have no fear, this primer acts as an extra layer of moisture while keeping your foundation intact. Win-win, if you ask me.

I picked up the Origins Plantscription Eye Cream on a whim after venturing into the black hole that is Sephora one fateful weeknight. My eyes are super sensitive to products and I have to be careful not to set them on fire when I use certain mascaras and creams. I’ve only been using it for about a month, but I knew right away that it wasn’t going to be an irritant and only time will tell if it’s anti-aging effects are the real deal! I’ll be sure to circle back if any miracles surface. It’s certainly worth a shot if you’re on the hunt for something to keep your peepers looking young!




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  1. Susie W.

    As bad as I am about new makeup(reallllly working on that one) I’m even less knowledgable when it comes to hair products. I have think hair but a lot of it and it is super straight so I have been meaning to invest in some products to oomph it up a little. I might have to look into this one!


  2. AnnicaNicole

    I still need to get some of that texturing spray. I’ve been living of sample sizes the last few weeks with all my traveling, but I think I’m going to buy myself some as a post half marathon gift.


  3. Maya McDonald

    Ummm…please tell me if that eye cream is a game-changer. I need more eye creams (that actually work!) in my life!

    1. Jessica

      I will be sure to report back 😉 So far, so good and I don’t look so shriveled around my eyes (no other way to describe it) in the morning

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