Holiday To-Do List

Holiday To-Do List


Hi friends! How was your weekend? Mine was filled to the brim with holiday festivities. Which for me included, over-indulging in champagne, cheese and cheer. I’m not complaining one bit, but it may or may not explain why this post is coming at ya so late in the day.

You may remember me mentioning that we were planning to host a little holiday soiree Saturday evening. Our apartment building is relatively quiet during the week and we don’t see the neighbors all that often. It turned out that two other tenants we’re having holiday gatherings on Saturday evening as well so we opened our doors and mixed and mingled between the three and I loved it!

There was plenty of design inspiration, as well as an explanation for all the late night drilling and hammering we had been hearing over the past week. Our neighbor across the hall has styled his apartment to perfection, including a handmade wooden wall and it got me excited to make our apartment more of a home in the new year. Especially after it was brought to my attention that our apartment is just so beige. 😉

After a quick clean up around the apartment (I don’t remember the Christmas tree at my parents shedding so much!), we caught up with Pete’s extended family over a long lunch and then I caved to a much needed nap after we got home. At first I felt guilty, but seeing as “be present” is sitting at number one on the list above, I decided to let myself off the hook and we caught up on some of our favorite shows together before we head back to Topeka for the Christmas Chaos.

This weekend made me especially thankful for my close-knit group of friends (who are like family) and the family I’ve got with Pete who always make me feel so welcome.

I’m going to be checking out around these parts until early next week, but I’ll be posting over on Instagram and Twitter! I hope you have a wonderful holiday and enjoy the time you spend with family and friends. I plan to be present and bring presents – double whammy!

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  1. Rose Tinted Home

    Love this – with the never ending craziness of the holidays (especially in the countdown we have going on this week) it is so important to take a step back and be present. I’m looking forward to enjoying my first holiday with my future in-laws, in a place I’ve never been before! I’m so happy for you and your wonderful group of friends. I hope you have a wonderful holiday together!

    xo Rachel

  2. Kari

    I’m so bummed I missed your awesome party!! The Instagram pictures look great! Love this list. It’s so good to keep in mind this time of year. Merry Christmas, pretty lady!

    1. Jessica

      Thank you so much for sharing this with me, Hallie! I hadn’t seen it before and it was a great way to start my Monday 🙂 Even though the holidays are wrapping up, I’m going to continue to focus on being present in all aspects of my life throughout the coming year and beyond.

      I hope your Christmas was the best one yet. Can’t wait to hear where you’re jet setting off to today!

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