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I promised a rundown on my new favorite workout and that’s exactly what you’re going to get today. Plus, I’ve got something special for all you Kansas Citians at the end of the post! Allow me to introduce you to Bar Method.

What can you expect at your first Bar Method class? You will work each muscle group and then follow it up with a stretch which helps to lengthen the look of your muscles. You will cover each area separate, focusing on arms, thighs, seat and abs. The instructors are extremely hands on and they are constantly adjusting your form to make sure you are getting the most of your workout, which I love. I’ve said it before and I’ll scream it in my head again, your thighs will feel like someone lit them on fire, but that’s totally normal. I like to hang on the stall bar before and after class, which helps to decompress the spine and aids in good posture. A lot of people skip this part, but I think it’s vital for someone like me who sits at a desk all day. The class wraps up with more stretching, a few deep breaths and a sense of calm and accomplishment.

My preferences: I’m not a huge fan of round back. This is where you sit on a mat with your back flat up against the mirrors and do a series of leg moves while holding onto the bar overhead. I think it’s the fact that I haven’t mastered the moves, but that doesn’t mean I won’t someday.

You would probably hear audible groans if I said this out loud in class, but if I had to pick a favorite move it would be the chair. For this particular move, you hold onto the bar with your arms completely straight and then sit back (as if you were sitting in a chair) with your back as straight as possible. I feel strong in this position and there is nothing better than making it through the entire thing without having to take a breather.

what to expect at your first bar method class

Quick tips before you get to the studio:
– You won’t be wearing tennis shoes, but socks are a must! You can purchase a pair of socks with rubber added to the soles or just wear an everyday pair, it’s up to you.

– You will want to wear pants, opposed to shorts. These compression pants are by far favorite. I will usually wear one of these semi-fitted tank tops (I own just about every color) and this pullover, depending on how cold I am before I get in the studio. Even if it’s a little chilly before we get started, I don’t keep my pullover on. Things heat up quickly and I don’t like to fuss with it once we get started with class.

– Check your cell phone at the door. Some people automatically bring their phone with them to a workout (most likely for music purposes), but you won’t have a need for it here!

– Pay no attention to the woman standing next to you who appears to be twice your age, falls effortlessly into the splits and can wrap her legs behind her head if she wanted to. There are women of all shapes, sizes and ages who are there to do one thing: better themselves.

benefits of bar method stretching

Want to give it a go? If you’re shy or hesitant to try Bar Method on your own, I’ve got a special treat for you. I’ve teamed up with Bar Method Kansas City to offer you a special private class with yours truly! The class will be taking place at the West Plaza Bar Method location on Wednesday, December 3rd from 7:00 – 8:00 pm. The class will be $10 – which is a steal compared to their regular priced single classes. In order to sign up, you will need to log in here and create a profile. Simply register for Jessica’s Blog Class (be sure to select the correct location from the drop down so you are easily able to find the class), bring your $10 with you the night of the event and get ready to tuck! The class is limited to 20 participants, so get to it! If you have problems signing up, email Stacy at [email protected] and let her know you would like to register for the class and she can take care of you! Bonus: anyone who attends the class will have to opportunity to sign up for a month of unlimited classes for just $60 (once again, this is a steal).

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email or leave me a note down in the comments. Bar Method is my happy place and I’m positive it will quickly become yours, too. I hope to see you there!

Thanks to Miss Shanley for snapping these photos and for being my workout partner in crime!


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  1. Abby

    So many of my friends are hooked on “pure barre” or something of the sort! I’ve always been nervous to go because I am far from flexible, but your commentary proved that not everyone who takes it is flexible!

    1. Jessica

      I was never a dancer and I wouldn’t consider myself the slightest bit flexible when I first started, but the results keep me coming back! You will have to let me know if you try it out 🙂

  2. Rachel

    I would really love to try out a barre class, gotta get the confidence to do so! I am also looking into a Fitness boot camp class that’s literally across the street from my apartment!

  3. shannon

    I want to try a barre class so bad and there is actually a studio a block from my house, but I am always so intimidated to try a new workout! I need to just do it though because from your description I know I would absolutely love it.

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  4. Jennifer Doerr

    Just signed up! 🙂 I’ve done Pure Barre once a lonnnnnng time ago so I’m excited to try out Bar Method! See you December 3rd!

  5. SarahLagen

    Look at you go girl!! I’ve tried barre class once and it totally kicked my butt, they are a lot harder then they look! I wish I could come try it again at your special blog class!! 🙂

  6. AnnicaNicole

    I love barre classes! My only complaint is there their SO expensive, but if you go 3-4 times a week is definitely pays for itself! I did it for a month and then my schedule got to crazy and the location was a little out of my way 🙁

    PS, LOVING the new looks!


  7. Shannon Jenkins

    I’ve been wanting to try a barre class forever but the closest studio is 40 min from my house! 🙁 Maybe one day I’ll try it! It looks so fun!

    <3 Shannon

  8. Nikki

    I am dying to try a barre class! It is on my 101 things list. Now I really want to try it after reading your post!


  9. Ashley White

    I really, REALLY wanna sign up for this! However, I have a consult with my ortho today- I need knee surgery to fix a torn meniscus. (Don’t get me started, I am BEYOND bummed.) Depending on the date of the surgery, I don’t know if I’ll be up and runnin’ enough to take the class! How low impact is it, btw? (Feel free to shoot me an email.)

    I’m going to need that type of low impact stuff as I ease back in post-surgery. (Ugh, I am SO OLD and my body is FAILING ME, lol.)


  10. Laura S.

    I’ve only done one barre class, and I really liked it, but the timing just didn’t fit with my schedule. It was really fun though!

  11. Katie

    Thanks for the tips! I’ve been wanting to try a barre class in Greensboro, but I haven’t had the chance yet. The price tag does seem a bit high, but I bet it’s worth it. I’ll let you know when I check it out.

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