Summer of Neon
neon // it's electric

I’ve been gravitating toward handmade jewelry lately and Loren Hope’s intricate bracelet collection doesn’t disappoint. Someone bejewel me, please!

Growing up I would frequent an activity center called Kaleidoscope and my favorite part was leaving with these thick, clear plastic envelopes. I would put little trinkets and papers in them and hoard them like crazy (I had strange tendencies). The clear pouches from One Truffle are basically an adult version of those and needless to say, I’m obsessed.

Crossbody bags are the only bags. At least for me. The details on this crossbody bag paired with the neon make it a summer stunner. Side note: Kate Spade is having a sale on top of a sale!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you can never have too many workout tanks.

I’m curious as to how this nail polish would hold up against the chlorine and sunscreen filled summer, but it would be a super fun color to rock on my tootsies and you can’t beat the price.

How do you feel about neon? Are you bold or do you prefer to play it a little more safe?


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  1. Kari Holtkamp

    Great picks! I’m jumping on the neon bandwagon, too. It’s so fun and bright for summer. I totally agree that cross body bags are the only way to go. They’re just so much more comfortable to wear than a big purse on your shoulder. Also, yay Kaleidoscope! I loved that place as a kid, too:)

  2. Katie

    I’m loving the Loren Hope neons right now! The Sarra cuff is my cup of tea. I haven’t tried any neon yellow, but I might need to be brave and do it.

  3. Ashley White

    You KNOW I’m here for all the neon.

    Fun story about Kaleidoscope: I missed our 2nd grade field trip there because I was deathly (not really) ill with strep or the flu or whatever you get when you’re small and unable to guzzle DayQuil and just carry on. My father promised to take me when I was feeling better, but NEVER DID. I like to bring this up at awkward times (his birthday, my birthday, the prayer we say before Christmas dinner, etc.) because I find it entertaining. He does, too. 🙂

    Story time over.

    Happy Wednesday!


  4. Hollie @ Fancykins

    If you’re looking for cheap neon nail polish, Sinful Colors ( is a drugstore brand that costs $1.99 each. It is SO BRIGHT and surprisingly long-lasting when you layer clear polish between each coat – it even holds up after pool days! – so you can buy multiple summery shades and not feel the slightest bit guilty!

  5. Maya McDonald

    This whole post I wanted to sing “boogey woogey woogey woog!” haha. I love those neons, especially that Loren Hope number!

  6. Jessica

    Ooo, thanks for the tip! $1.99 is definitely my type of budget! I think I’m going to make a trip there this weekend. After looking through my polish arsenal, it seems to be lacking brightness.

  7. Meg - Life of Meg

    I absolutely love neon, but there is only so many hues this super pale blonde girl can pull off! 😉 I am so jealous that you sassy brunettes can pull off that gorgeous bright yellow!


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