An interview with my go-to hair guru.
“What I surely adore in life is the art of hairdressing.  I want to cut hair and pin it and color it and braid it and curl it every single day, and I do.” Hello, friends! I’m super excited to formally introduce you to my sister, Jordan. I’ve mentioned before that she works at Skyline Downtown Salon in Kansas City, MO. Over the next few months she will be making appearances on the blog to discuss everything from wedding hair to rocking your signature style.

Jordan Zimlich | Skyline Downtown Salon
Photo by Cameron Gee

How long have you been working as a stylist?
I’m in my 5th year as a stylist. Remember when I used to flat iron the back of your head when you couldn’t reach it in high school? We’re not counting that, right?

Did you have a “light bulb” moment when you decided you wanted to pursue hair?
There really wasn’t one. It wasn’t until I was in hair school that I understood and began to appreciate hairdressers’ contribution to the fashion industry. I saw high end salons and beautiful, unimaginable hair in magazines and that was where I wanted to be.  I wish I had some big bang, Oprah ‘Aha!’ moment, but it was just a natural dwelling for me.  I wanted to live in my career so it could be more than just that, it’s become my fabric.

What are your passions outside of hair styling?
I enjoy painting and drawing, bargain hunting (anywhere from Nordstrom to Forever 21 to thrift stores) and I’m a lover of craft beer (stuff my stocking with Boulevard Tank 7, please).

Who/what is your hairspiration?
I draw inspiration from various sources, I would say I look most often to movies (especially Tim Burton  and Baz Luhrmann films), the red carpet and the pages of Vogue and W Magazine.

Do you have a signature style for hair?
I love working with naturally curly hair, I only learned to embrace my own in recent years and its been life altering (or at least morning routine altering). Updos are also a specialty, along with creating glamorous, but lived in styles. I generally try not to create cookie cutter, perfectly tamed ‘dos, I love giving my client a beautiful and achievable look with a bit of an undone edge.

If you had to pick your top three hair products, what would they be?
It’s hard to narrow it down, but the three I can’t live without are: Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray (I promise nothing compares, volume and texture all in one, plus it doubles as a dry shampoo and 99.9% of strangers will ask you why your hair smells so amazing), Oribe Imperméable Anti-Humidity Spray (I love using this as a working spray by layering it for a brushable hold) and Oribe Sculpting Cream (this product gives you the best of both worlds; the smoothing properties of a cream and the holding properties of a gel).

*Be sure to check out all of Jordan’s favorites below, she had a hard time choosing just three.

What are some holiday hair trends to be on the lookout for this year?
Shine always comes to mind when I think of holiday hair. Winter is a drying time, so keeping your hair healthy and shiny is key. We’ve moved from beachy textured hair to smooth updos and sleek brushed out curls. Adding a bit of a unkempt texture to your upstyle is a fun and less formal option for the holidays. Finish with a shine spray to keep roughly textured locks looking polished and radiant. I also love the accent of a dainty pin or braided/woven detail in the hair.

Below are some looks created by Jordan, perfect for holiday parties and special occasions alike.
Wedding Updo | Skyline Downtown Salon
Wedding Updo | Skyline Downtown Salon
Wedding Updo | Skyline Downtown Salon
Wedding Updo | Skyline Downtown Salon
Wedding Updo | Skyline Downtown Salon
Wedding Updo | Skyline Downtown Salon
The gorgeous photos don’t end here, follow along with Jordan on Twitter and Instagram and get to know her even better by reading her brief biography here.Book an appointment for your holiday hairdo with Jordan. Call 816-221-2001!




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  1. Jessica

    Hi Allie! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I wish I had half her abilities, she really is amazing. I’m lucky she lives nearby and can help me with my do 🙂

  2. noelani

    Oh my gosh! I just told a girlfriend I needed a new hairdresser and she told me about this fabulous girl named Jordan who she loves! I was planning on calling her next week to set something up. I wondered if she was your sister! How fun!

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