DIY Wednesday Addams Costume

The last few years I’ve steered myself away from the pre-packaged sailor and referee costumes. With a little (okay, a lot) of help from my sister, I’ve been taking the homemade route. This year I went as Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family. I’m not usually one to pick favorites and it was a tough call compared to last year’s loofah, but after carefully considering all factors, Wednesday wins for best costume – hands down.

The costume itself was extremely easy to put together. A black dress (this one would be a great addition to your wardrobe post-costume wearing), black tights, boots and the top of white button down collard shirt (that I picked up from the goodwill) was all it took. To eliminate the extra bulk of the button down underneath, I cut the top of the shirt into a dickey and then used safety pins to attach them to the dress. I threw a few braids in my hair, skipped the bronzer/blush and off I went.

My friends and I celebrated Halloween this past weekend since it’s on a Thursday and we all know the dreaded alarm comes wayyy too early, but I’ll be rocking my costume at work for the Halloween Costume Contest!

diy halloween costume - wednesday addams
diy halloween costume - wednesday addams
diy halloween costume - willy wonka
How cute was my sister as Willy Wonka?
I’m a firm believer that I will never be too old to dress up for Halloween and this year was no different.
Hope you all have a Happy Halloween!

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